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YoezO! TaIwnoi yoFphemheO TaiwYsEakUe

Hello! This is our Mhong Nyiakeng Script

Rev. Chervang

Founder of Nyiakeng Puachue

Reverend Chervang is a spiritual and community leader synonymous with visionary, quality, and origination. He is an expert in communication and radically shaped the Mhong written language by inventing the Nyiakeng Puachue (NP) Mhong writing system in the early 1980s. The Nyiakeng Puachue Mhong writing system was created to elevate the Mhong written language from the Romanized Popular Alphabet writing system to a higher level that correctly reflects the tones and pronunciation of Mhong words.

Embedded into Unicode in April 2019. At first glance, the NP writing system may appear similar to other languages in structure and form. However, it was inspired by Hebrew characters and is unique. The writing system contains 36 consonant characters, nine vowels, and seven tone characters. NP utilizes determinatives to distinguish Mhong words. Furthermore, the NP writing system encompasses the capacity to write in various languages and is used in the United States, Laos, Thailand, Vietnam, France, and Australia. Reverend Chervang is a true visionary paving the way to elevate the Mhong written word by creating a writing system that truly reflects how the Mhong language should be written.

Mhong vs  Hmong explanation

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